• Keep a record of what you’ve done, refer to it next year and build on it from there


  • A record of what has to be done makes it a lot easier for the next person to complete the task or take on the position without fear in the future


Participation & Reward

    • The more participation by number of people and time they can put in will mean greater results
    • Apple Day is FriDay and SaturDay! Not “You only have to do a couple hours”


  • Increase participation by making the event fun, something to look forward to. Reward and thank for shifts well done. We are expanding prizes to show recognition for as many as possible.
  • Have “Good Doors” to enforce the appeal of success for the youth and adults
  • Have activities and action around your depot to promote fun, success and action
  • If you have extra people “hanging around” get them to help, do an activity, check on those areas that aren’t in sight
  • Recognition for a Good Job goes along way. No Camp fees for participating Groups is the first tangible reward, and try to get other tangible, suitable, immediate and semi immediate rewards for adults as well as youth. But, a “Thank You” and encouragement to ALL that participate can garner immense satisfaction and joy.


Share the Work

    • Split up tasks that need to be done so a few people are not overwhelmed with work


  • Start tasks early so they don’t pile up in last minute panic and being half done.
  • Sharing the tasks mean that others will learn what needs to be done and not be scared to take it on “because they don’t know what to do!”


Communication and Updating

    • More communication means more knowledge and dialogue, more problems get solved and more things get done Communication helps keep projects and people on track and feeling they have been successful


  • People get worried when they feel they are being left on their own. They are scared that things are not being done or they don’t ask for help when they need it
  • Communication leads to things getting easier and better
  • RESPONDING to Communication is as IMPORTANT as sending out the communication!
  • If you need help, ASK for it, there’s always help available