Apple Day

October 12, 13 & 14, 2017

2017 Goal – $60,000


What Is Apple Day?

Apple Day is Scouting’s most visible fundraising activity.  Every October uniformed youth from all programs involved in Scouting, are outside of area malls, shopping centres and stores, loaded down with bushels of apples, to say “Thank You” for the patron’s donations to Scouting.


The net profit from the Apple Day Campaign goes directly to the Hamilton-Wentworth camp fund which helps to maintain their two main camps Mt. Nemo Scout Camp (Burlington) and Ragged Falls (Dwight, Ontario).  It costs approximately $105,000 each year to maintain these two great camps.


Please offer your support when you see a Scouting Youth out with their basket of apples.



According to Scouts Canada National Site, Apple Day started in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1932 as a Thank You for supporting Scouting activities. Another source states that it started in Toronto in 1936. At first, apples were given out as a Thank You for the support that various Scouting groups had received.  Since the 1930’s, Apple Day has grown across Canada and has become a fall tradition that many of the members of the public remember from their days in scouting. We do not sell apples. We give the apple as a thank you for the donation to scouting.


In Hamilton-Wentworth, the entire area/region has coordinated their efforts since 1944. It is as simple as this. If the Scouting group participates in the Apple Day campaign, they will not be charged the rental fee of the building or site at Mount Nemo Scout Camp and Ragged Falls for that entire year.



The actual cost for the use of the buildings at Mount Nemo ranges from a high of $450 per weekend for BP Lodge to a low of $125 per weekend for other buildings.


In addition to the gain from free rental fee for the year, Apple Day provides the youth in Scouting with a chance to take ownership of their activities. All youth members that participate in Apple Day have a tangible symbol that they can make a difference.

Many of the citizens in the Hamilton Area still remember their experiences as cubs and scouts at Mount Nemo.  All you have to do is ask for a donation and they will be happy to support the youth.

To help accomplish our goal we are adding Thursday evening to our schedule, in addition to Friday night and Saturday morning and afternoon.

When we all come together for a common goal the greater the outcome!


If you have any questions or would like more information on how you can help contact us at:

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