Beaver Scouts is a program designed for children 5 to 7 years of age that shares the Aim of Scouts Canada with Scouting’s other programs.

The aim is to help children, youth and adults to develop their character as resourceful and responsible members of the community by providing opportunities and guidance for their mental, physical, social and spiritual development.

More specifically, the emphasis of the Beaver Scout program is on activities which help children to:

  • experience and express love and joy
  • express themselves
  • be healthy and have good feelings about themselves
  • develop a sense of belonging and sharing in small group activities
  • develop a sense of co-operation through non-competitive activities
  • appreciate nature.
  • find examples of God’s love for them in the world

Details of the Beaver Scout program are contained in The Beaver Scout Leaders’ Handbook. With this emphasis in mind, a leadership team, recruited by the sponsor, works to provide a program that will be creative, flexible and fun and that will be geared to meet the needs of their Beaver Scouts. This leadership team may include parents, other adults and teenagers.

Beaver Scouts meet weekly in groups of 20 to 25 children called colonies. Within colonies there are smaller groups (5 or 6 Beaver Scouts) called lodges. The Beaver Scout uniform is blue and brown. The colours represent the sky and water, and the earth and the Beaver’s fur coat. The uniform consists of a hat, a vest which is worn over ordinary clothes and a neckerchief – given at investiture. To be invested, a Beaver Scout must know the law, the promise and the motto.

The Beaver Scout Promise
I promise to love God and to help take care of the world.

The Beaver Scout Law
A Beaver has fun, works hard and helps his family and friends.

To complement the law and promise, the Beaver Scout Motto
Sharing, Sharing, Sharing.

Sharing is a vital part of the Beaver Scout program. A Beaver Scout learns to share belongings and experiences. Beaver Scouts learn through the example set by leaders – particularly through their example of shared leadership. There are no badges or awards for specific achievements in the Beaver Scout program. Beaver Scouts do obtain Beaver tails, which they may make themselves and sew on their Beaver hats. These tails are changed once in the fall and are indicators to a child that they are growing, learning and able to do things better.

The Beaver Scout program is based on the story Friends of the Forest. In this story a family of Beavers discovers that a family of humans is building a cottage down the creek from their pond. The chapters of this story provide names for the leaders and terminology used in the Beaver colonies. They also introduce concepts such as sharing which are important to the Beaver Scout program.