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International Recognition for Camp Nemo

Scouts Canada has designated Mount Nemo Scout Camp as an accredited Scout Centre for Excellence in Nature and the Environment (SCENES Centre).


We will be the tenth Scout camp in the world to be accredited by the World Organization for the Scout Movement (WOSM) and only the third in North America following Blue Springs in Canada and the Boy Scouts of America Florida Sea Base. This means that Camp Nemo is representing Scouts Canada on the world stage. Scouting people from around the world will be looking to our camp for inspiration and leadership when it comes to outdoor program and environmental issues.

The WOSM guidelines state that:

– “A Scout Centre of Excellence for Nature and Environment (SCENES) Centre is a very special place.

– It is a centre that has made a long term commitment to protect the environment and promote environmental understanding.

– A SCENES Centre is committed to protecting its natural environment, minimizing its environmental impact and enabling all who are connected with the centre to engage with nature and become empowered to make their  own personal commitment to the environment.

– A SCENES Centre leads by example and acts as a positive role model to other Scout and non-Scout centres, to its guests and to its local community.

– It can provide real hands-on educational activities for Scouts and training opportunities for leaders, equipping them with an enthusiasm for nature and a desire to do something positive for the environment in their home-life.”

How will this affect the camp? There is a good chance that we will get visitors from around the world. Our programs are already attracting many groups from outside Hamilton-Wentworth. We will now have more credibility when we approach potential donors, especially for environmental projects. But, the biggest change will be in how we feel about our camp. Most of us have been very proud of Camp Nemo for a long time and now Scouts Canada, and the rest of the world, are telling us that we have a right to be. The world is watching so let’s do the camp proud.

More information regarding SCENES centers can be found at the WOSM website


To see what programming Camp Nemo has available to our members and quests, please visit the HICOP web site.