Our Area newsletter is produced 6 times a year, reaching hundreds of volunteers. Look for

  • Area and group events
  • Training opportunities
  • Scout Shop News
  • Honours and Awards Information
  • News from senior councils
If you would like your Scouting Announcement included in the Dispatch or would like to purchase advertising space for your business or company, call Aline Chan (519) 213-1520.  If you would like Scouting Announcements also placed on HW Area Web Page contact the Webmaster.

Deadlines for the Dispatch are:
September 10 for the October issue
November 10 for the December issue
January 10 for the February issue
March 10 for the April issue
June 1 for the June/July issue
August 10 for the September issue

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Click below for your printable copy of the Scouter’s Dispatch Newsletter.

2019 – February   April   June  September   October   December

2018 – February   April   June   September  October  December

2017 – February    April   June   September  October  December

2016 – February  April   June    September  October   December

2015 – February   April   June   September   October    December

2014 – February   April   June   September   October   December

2013 – February   April   June   September   October   December

2012 – February   April   June   September   October   December

2011 – February   April   June   September   October   December

2010 – February   April   June   September   October   December

The Dispatch is published in Adobe PDF format.