O. Reg. 170/03 (Drinking-Water Regulation)

The Drinking-Water Systems Regulation, Ontario Regulation 170/03 made under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 requires owners of children’s camps to be in compliance with these regulations this year.

The water we use at Camp Nemo is treated water from the Region of Halton, trucked in and stored in a holding tank for subsequent distribution to B.P. Lodge, Confederation Lodge and the Factor’s Lodge.

The first step in ensuring that we are in compliance is getting an engineering evaluation report. This report has been completed and indicates that the water is currently safe to drink at camp. This same report also indicated that equipment upgrades are needed to ensure that our drinking water continues to be safe to drink and meet the new regulations.

The cost of these upgrades is now estimated to be around $30,000 but further discussions are underway to lower this cost. Cost of maintaining the water system will be increasing. In addition new required weekly testing will also increase our costs.

Please keep the large expenditure and new ongoing costs that MUST be made this year during the annual Apple Day fund raiser.

Groups that use Ragged Falls are responsible for providing their own water (bring from home) and these new regulations have no impact.

For complete Ministry guidelines, click here.