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The James Elliott Memorial Patrol Competition Camp has Joined Forces to celebrate 40 years, with the Joe Thorne Memorial Patrol Camp

Date:          First Weekend in May, each year.
Location:    Camp Manitou, Burlington

ALL DETAILS MOVED TO:  http://3rdtoronto.org/jtj4e

All else below, relates to previous years… but it’s going to be another awesome weekend of Scouting! Same price, central location!


Do you have a patrol 2016 Badgeor two, that are up to the Challenge?

Cost:           $15 per Scout
(camp site fees, badge, and Saturday dinner basics included – more later!)

$30 per Leader/Venturer/Rover (catered meals)
(camp site fees, badge, and all meals, dishes and cutlery, from Friday night mug up to light Sunday lunch – just bring you, your personal gear, and your Scouting Spirit! … and maybe a motivated challenge for Scout aged youth…)

                   $15 per Volunteer, for Day Only Saturday
(two meals, badge, no camping)

An Independent Patrol Competition Camp, with 39 years of history.

Please read intro letter for details, or review the FAQ below.

This model of camp has proven itself for more than 39 years, constantly outgrowing locations because troops that attend, are growing. 🙂 Whether you have a large troop of 7 patrols, or one patrol, they work as a patrol and compete on fair footing, patrol to patrol. (ideal for smaller troops on the grow, and leaders are fully supported! — a group as small as 4 scouts and 1 leader can safely attend, meeting two-deep leadership, etc!)

This is an excellent opportunity for Scout Patrols to demonstrate their ability to work as a team while participating in challenging activities, and to learn new twists to old ideas. The way BP intended it, and the way the Scouts like it. This is a unique camp experience, that Scouts ask for year after year. Venturers and Rovers have been key players in executing serious Scout challenges, and we hope they will join us again this year. For many patrols it’s springtime, and it’s time to prove themselves… on their own.

Open this year to all Scout Patrols of 4-8 Scouts, all aged 10-14 years old. (exceptions are granted, for 4th year Scouts who may have already just turned 15 in 2017)

Venturers, Rovers, and Event Champion Leaders, needed.
Please get in touch, if you can help spearhead something. We’ll provide the help. We can send you a list of potentially already scripted events, or just a loose idea on some.

The Police & MedVents are already coming to help, both with 1st Aid & Security, and a challenge for the Scouts!

trophyBy achieving certain standards, patrols can win a Bronze, Silver or Gold award, and the top patrol wins the Iron Jim trophy as well. (I have wrestled it away from last year’s winners!)
Needless to say, a patrol that doesn’t make an effort in the various challenges may win nothing…

The camp will be organized as it has been for years. That is, the camp will be divided into a number of camp “Troops” consisting of four or five patrols each. Patrols will be assigned to their camp troop upon arrival at camp. Each troop will have a resident “Scoutmaster”, not from their own home troop. (plus 24 hour support in case of emergency) Saturday evening dinner, will include an Iron Chef Competition. A visiting guest Venturer will judge the Saturday night meal preparation, presentation, service and clean-up. The patrol will be given enough food provisions for the Venturer’s meal and each patrol member, but will be expected to provide all for their guest. (Saturday evening food basics for Scouts, are included with their registration cost, but they may enhance!)

The Challenges: Each Patrol will participate in a round robin of events. They don’t always require specific Scoutcraft skills, but do need imagination, teamwork and adaptability. Thinking before doing is often a winning strategy. Saturday evening’s wide games will be wide, the fire will be loud.

Leaders/Venturers/Rovers/Volunteerswill be well cared for, in a separate area. Your registration fee will include all meals, and even the dishes… although we might ask you to wash your own. This model, leaves you able to arrive light, with little worry for the weekend, and be able to focus on sharing your wisdom, experience, and challenges with the Scout Patrols.

And whether patrols succeed or fail, the Method still works it’s magic.


Q: Isn’t this the same as Dorchester, Jambo, Vic Day, International, (insert camp name here), or …?
A: Nope. If it was, this model wouldn’t have succeeded on it’s own like it has, for the last 39 years. This is a patrol self-sufficiency test, embracing the Scout Method, where they really work it out together, without a Scout Leader breathing down their neck. The Scouts have freedom, and free time, but solid expectations of what is needed of them, and how to take care of each other. The camp keeps outgrowing itself at other locations, because the troops that attend, are growing.

Q: Why are Scouts competing? Isn’t that wrong?
A: BP didn’t think so. What’s the point in learning how to do something, if you can’t deliver when it’s time to prove it, either in the real world, or in a test. Better to really try, and succeed or fail where and when it’s safe to do so. Their peers compete at hockey, karate, school, soccer, gymnastics, etc – so why shouldn’t Scouts get to win trophies too… as the ultimate team exercise.

Other Questions?
Ask. There are no stupid questions, and more ideas only serves to add flavour to the soup!

Scouter Andy
On behalf of all Scouters, Venturers, and Rovers involved.

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