Property Review Update

As reported in the April and June 2004 Scouter’s Dispatch a process is underway to evaluate and decide what camp properties will continue to operate in Ontario.

Throughout the process, these criteria have been examined with respect to each property: compliance, features, program opportunities, program resources, facilities, availability, capacity, usage, personnel, and future direction.

In order to ensure the long-term financial health of our properties and better use of our limited resources, 20 properties across Ontario have been identified for disposal. Funds generated from the sale of these properties will be held in an investment pool from which it may be possible, based on a detailed plan, to direct monies to improve the remaining facilities that would serve the membership previously served by the property that was sold.

Camp Nemo is one of the properties that was identified to continue to operate. It is not slated for closure.

At the current time Ragged Falls has been designated for further study and will continue to operate.