RoverScouts is a program designed for adults 18 to 26 years of age and it shares the Aim of Scouts Canada with Scouting’s other programs.

The aim is to help children, youth and adults to develop their character as resourceful and responsible members of the community by providing opportunities and guidance for their mental, physical, social and spiritual development.

More specifically, the emphasis of the Rover program is on activities which help adults to:

  • establish their own sense of identify, values and lifestyle
  • become self directed individuals and responsible adult participants in society
  • develop meaningful and lasting friendships
  • provide meaningful services to the community
  • participate in satisfying outdoor activities that contribute to protection of the environment, fitness and a sense of well-being.
  • develop spiritual depth and joy in living

Details of the Rover Scout program are contained in The Rover Handbook. With this emphasis in mind, a Rover Advisor(s), recruited by the sponsor, works with the crew to provide a wide range of projects and activities. The advisor(s) may consist of parents or other adults. Rovers may be involved in the selection of advisors(s).

Rover Scouts may attend weekly meetings in a group called a crew which usually has from 5 to 8 members. Only occasionally does a crew have more members. It is desirable to also have both male and female advisors if the crew is co-educational. The crew elects an executive to handle the administrative functions – chairman, secretary, treasurer. Any member may be appointed as leader for activities or projects.

To be invested into Rover Scouts one must, know and accept the promise.

The Rover Scout Promise
On my honour, I promise that I will do my best, To do my duty to God and the Queen, To help other people at all times, and to carry out the spirit of the Scout law.

The Rover Scout Motto

Rover Scouts contract to commit themselves to the active expression of the principles in their daily lives. The way in which this commitment is expressed is determined by each crew, but is to include:

(a) that Rover Scouts are part of a world wide organization of Scouts and,

(b) either the actual wording or a declaration of acceptance, of the principles of Scouting.

For more information, please visit the 1st Hamilton Rovers at their home, click here.