There are a variety of formats and locations to accommodate Scouters’ needs. Some training is done on one or two evenings while other training can be over several weeks and occasionally a course can be residential at a Scout camp. See your Service Scouter for details.

AODA Training

Child and Youth Safety Online

Woodbadge Part I provides stills for typical activities that leaders engage in when planning, delivering, evaluating and managing weekly programs – as well as annual program planning. Leaders requiring additional training/development can acquire these skills through on-the-job training, coaching/mentoring or by attending workshops.

Woodbadge I & II Training Application Form

Woodbadge Part II focus is on a different skill set, including leadership abilities and the more advanced skills leaders need to take their program outdoors for weekend camps and outings.

For more information visit Scouts Canada or their Adult Development web site.

Recognition for demonstrating these competencies is the traditional Woodbadge Woggle (Basic) and Beads (Advanced).