Financial Services Message

In response to a significant number of inquires regarding the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, the Operations Advisory Committee reviewed Scouts Canada programs as they relate to the tax credit. It was determined that Scouts Canada programs, as delivered to the program standards, promote an active and healthy lifestyle and would be eligible activities for the purpose of the child fitness tax credit.

The Canada Revenue Agency is encouraging parents to claim the credit. Receipts containing the required information should be made available to parents when they register. It should be noted that individual tax situations may have an effect on the ability of the parent to claim the tax credit. Parents who are unsure if they are eligible should be encouraged to contact either CRA or a tax professional.

As per the CRA website, receipts must contain the following information: • Organization's name and address • Name of the eligible program or activity • Total amount received, date received, and the amount that is eligible for the children's fitness tax credit • Full name of the payer • Name of the child and child's year of birth • Authorized signature. Note: An authorized signature is not required for electronically generated receipts.

Sample Receipt

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